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Not only is Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) something you can play against others, in Fly For Sky you can play against the NPCs for prizes! This page details the prizes you get from RPS, and how long your win streak needs to be in order to get them.
You can play RPS by picking up a Rock-Paper-Scissors Coupon that drops from all Masquerpets. Once you have picked up a coupon, you can take it to [Cash Shop Seller] Is or [Mayor of Flarine]. While playing RPS, you will be given a choice of keeping the prize you won (the prize on the left side) by hitting "END" or moving on to try for the next prize (the prize on the right) by hitting "NEXT".


Round Prize Effect Win Rate
1 "Fly" Consumable +35% SPD 1 hour 57%
2 "For" Consumable +15% DEF 1 hour 56%
3 "Fun" Consumable (x2) +15% ATK 1 hour 55%
4 Mysterious Pill (x10) 36%
5 Crazy Power Scroll (1 Hour) +500 HP, +500 Attack 36%
6 Shine Cloak DCT +15%, +10% Attack, +10% HP, +20% DEF 36%
7 Summer Dream Set (F) The fashion contains stats. 33%
8 Easter Egg Box N/A 33%
9 Astral Box N/A 30%
10 Festive Dragon Cloak of Anticipation +10 All Stats, 25% HP, 25% Attack 30%
11 Red Cloud Cloak +20% Critical Damage, +12% HP, +12% Attack, +10% Melee Block 30%
12 Festive Box of Christmas Beads (x2) N/A 25%
13 Sparklez Cloak +12% Critical Damage, +12% Attack, +200% Drop Rate 25%
14 Red Chips (x750) N/A 25%