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Latest Updates


No announcements.

Game Updates

Latest Patch: December 18, 2018

  • It is Winter in Madrigal! And you know what that means...!
  • The Countdown to Christmas Event has begun!
  • Periodic updates are planned during the Christmas Event. I won't spoil them, but let's just say everyone has something to look forward to.
  • Visit the Festive Island Instance Dungeon using a special Blinkwing from Is! Any level player can participate!
  • Collect stockings from Festive Island and exchange them using the Christmas Exchange at Is! Defeat the final boss and get rare items!
  • Improved the Bag Interface.
  • Fixed a bug that let a monster in Divinium stun-lock you.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not remove Baruna Runes from shields.
  • Fixed a long-existing bug where your current target was lost when something died near you. Targets are no longer lost when a nearby monster or player dies.
  • Additionally, when you defeat a monster, you will now automatically attack your selected target. This means you can queue up another target while you are attacking.

November 5, 2018

  • The Halloween Event is over! The King of All Hallow's Eve had a score of 61890. The Pumpkin King had a score of 51176.
  • Congrats to the King of All Hallow's Eve and Team Hallows! Members of both teams can go to their NPC to pick up a special reward.
  • Baruna Shields can now be pierced with Baruna Runes.

October 22, 2018

  • The 2018 Halloween Event is active! Read below for more information. The Halloween Event ends on November 5.
  • Halloween Battle: King of All Hallow's Eve VS the Pumpkin King! The newcomer Pumpkin King has to go up against the winner of last year's event, the King of All Hallow's Eve.
  • Pick a side! Do you join Team Pumpkin or Team Hallows? Talk to the respective NPC to get a quest to join that team! The team that gathers the most *Haunted Pumpkins will win a unique prize at the end of the event!
  • Haunted Pumpkins are dropping from all monsters and all Event Monsters! Gather them and give them to either the King of All Hallow's Eve or the Pumpkin King in exchange for Halloween boxes!
  • A dark atmosphere descends down on all of Madrigal. Beware of spooky music, and scary skeletons.
  • Removed the Summer 2018 Exchange.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from transfering awakens with the Jester Goddess hats.
  • Fixed a bug where event quest items would removed when contributing quest items to a guild.

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