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Latest Updates


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Game Updates

Latest Patch: July 5, 2017

  • The 2017 Summer Event has started! Gather Event Crystals from all monsters (rarely) and Event Monsters (commonly) and give them to the Event Shop NPC for a brand new box!
  • Added the "Summer Event Crystal Exchange" menu the NPCs [Event Shop] Lorra and Is. There, you will be able to exchange Event Crystals for boxes, or gamble Event Crystals and Happy Money for more Event Crystals, Boxes, or rare pets!
  • Zombie Reed10021 is available as an Event Monster once again. It now drops a brand new box, rather than the birthday box.
  • A new Event Monster, named Slime Golem, has been added! Slime Golem has a 100% chance to drop Event Crystals.
  • Added 40 new wings, 300 new weapon skins, and more items for the new box!
  • Added 5 new Kheldor Cloaks to the existing Kheldor Cloak Box in the Colosseum Token Shop.
  • Added 40+ brand new fashion sets to the Custom Fashion Artist NPC! You can find the new male fashion at the top of tab 'Male #1', and the new female fashion at the top of tab 'Female #1'.
  • Names of the brand new fashion sets: Blackguard Set (M/F), Whiteguard Set (M/F), Dark Dragon Set (M/F), Dragon Armor Set (M/F), Shipwrecked Pirate Set (M/F), Xiao Set (M/F), Riku Set (M), Sora Set (M), Kirito Set (M), Link Set (M), Xiang Set (M), Gothic Winter Set (M), Asuna Set (F), Aqua Set (F), Boa Hancock Set (F), Kairi Set (F), Leefa Set (F), Lisbeth Set (F), Nami Set (F), Saoyui Set (F), Silica Set (F), Lady Gaga Set (F), Tsunade Set (F), Blue/Dark Purple/Red/Purple/Yellow Summer Casual Set (F).
  • Added a new Sword, Ultima Keyblade, that drops from Shemhazai.
  • Updated the Donation System; read the donation information page for more information.
  • Updated the Name Color menu (access it with the command /ChangeColor or /cc) with new name colors. Can you get them all?
  • Added the Donation Reward items for the top 3 donators of June. Donation Rewards for June and July can be seen on the donation ranking page.
  • The level restriction on the Sephora Underground has been reduced to Lv. 190 (Lv. 200 -> Lv. 190).
  • Oricalcum Blade changes: The negative Melee and Ranged Block has been removed. The DEX has also been removed.
  • Force Master changes: Reduced MP Multiplier to 1.0 (1.2 -> 1.0), Reduced Defense Multiplier to 1.8 (2.6 -> 1.8), increased Knuckle Damage Multiplier to 7.0 (6.0 -> 7.0) (Knuckle Damage Multiplier is not used when calculating Asal Damage).
  • Clockworks Stick changes: 50% Magic Mastery, 50% HP, 5% Continuous Healing.
  • Kruxia Spell, like Crucio, no longer reflects skill damage.
  • Ultimate Defense now correctly reduces the amount of damage Reflect inflicts.
  • Added the latest batch of guild logos.
  • Buffed the Statted Angel/Devil Champion sets.
  • Fixed an exploit that caused a stack-stat glitch.
  • Fixed a bug with the skill War Hawk, where the Blind effect would stack endlessly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Lord Buffs wouldn't persist after death (Lord's Anger not affected by this change).
  • Fixed a bug where speed wouldn't sync correctly at 0%.
  • Fixed another bug regarding speed syncing.
  • Fixed a bug where the Scroll of Ultimate Smelting 100% wouldn't work.
  • Fixed a bug where the Scroll of Holy would incorrectly remove Mystical Pills.
  • Numerous other bug fixes.

June 11, 2017

  • Reverted the change to Slayer's Base Block Multiplier. (0.9 -> 0.7).
  • Slayers now have a higher max Speed than everyone else. Slayer max speed: 350%. Everyone else max speed: 300%
  • Changed the effects of the Blade Hero Skill Ultimate Defense. The second attribute is now Continuous Healing Rate. At max level, PvP Defense is 40%, Continuous Healing Rate is 15%.
  • All consumables from the Red Chip Shop and Happy Money Shop persist after death.
  • Mystic Pills now persist after death.
  • Various consumables (Christmas Rocks, Christmas Scrolls, etc.) now persist after death.
  • Scrolls of Amplification (B) now persist after death.
  • Reduced the chance of getting Mysterious Pills in the Collecting Areas to 4% (7% -> 4%).
  • Increased the chance of getting Cloud Pieces to 10% (7% -> 10%).
  • Zombie Reed10021 is taking a break and is currently unavailable from the Event Monster Shop.
  • EXP boxes no longer spawn in Free-For-All Siege.
  • Various bug fixes.

June 5, 2017

  • Added the latest batch of guild logos.
  • Increased Slayer's Base Sword Damage Multiplier to 4.6 (4.2 -> 4.6).
  • Increased Slayer's Base Axe Damage Multiplier to 5.6 (5.2 -> 5.6).
  • Increased Slayer's Base HP Multiplier to 4.31 (4.27 -> 4.31).
  • Increased Slayer's Base Block Multiplier to 0.9 (0.7 -> 0.9).
  • Reduced Force Master's Base HP Multiplier to 4.20 (4.28 -> 4.20).
  • Increased Force Master's Base Knuckle Damage Multiplier (doesn't affect Asal damage) to 6.0 (5.1 -> 6.0).
  • Fixed a bug with the inventory tabs not recognizing they are full in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug with certain skills OHKO'ing Event Monsters.

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