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This page will contain a list of all the features Fly For Sky offers. This page will be updated fairly regularly as things change.

Feature List

  • No required donation-only items. You do not have to donate to become the best character in the server.
    • Everyone is equal.
  • A very specific Pet Filter. You can open the Pet Filter menu with U.
  • A fully customizable glow editor. You can open the Glow Editor with V.
  • A set of Custom Chat Commands can be found here Custom Commands.
  • A modified Collecting area with stuff that is actually worth collecting.
  • A full windowed mode. Minimizing is available, and when the game is minimized CPU usage is reduced.
  • Item Transmutation System is available as a scroll.
  • Weapon Leveling system is available. The max weapon/shield level is 50.
  • Baruna items are available. A complete guide to upgrading Baruna items can be found here Baruna Upgrade System page.
  • Removing a Care or Rune no longer removes the most recent item. You can now select which pierced item to remove by simply selecting!
  • A Transfer Awaken system is available as a scroll. A guide to transferring an awaken can be found here Awakening Transfer System.
  • You can fly at level 1.
  • A more detailed character stat page is available (Pressing H brings it up).
  • An optional Day/Night system is available. It is enabled by default, you can turn it off in the options.
  • A custom Free-For-All Siege mode is available. It runs daily at various times, and grants Red Chips for each kill you make.
  • Awakens are easier than normal and have different stats. For full changes to normal/fashion/pet awakens/blessings, see the Awaken Rates page.
  • Guild Houses are available.
  • Item Linking is available. To use it, simply hold CTRL and click on an item in your inventory.
  • An in-game Item Wiki is available. To use it, simply press F12 while in-game to bring it up.
  • Fashion Combining is available.
  • The Colosseum is available.
  • Secret Room is available.
    • Secret Room is open every Saturday at 10:05AM CST
  • Harlequins can wield Dual Yo-Yo's. Only Harlequins (Jester's next job) can do this.
  • The current max level is 200.
  • 3rd job change and corresponding skills are available (i.e Harlequin, Slayer, etc).
  • Many custom worlds and dungeons. A list of all the worlds can be found on the Worlds Page.
  • Many different Custom Titles available.
  • Over 1000 custom items.
  • Many custom quests that reward you nicely as well as captivate you.
  • Modified Couple EXP rates and very good couple level up rewards.
    • Buffed Couple skills.
  • Buffed Lord skills.
  • Modified Upgrading Rates. The full list of upgrading rates can be found on the Upgrading Rates Page.
  • Green equips up to level 105 are available in shops.
  • Many altered skills.